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<English editor 채용계획>
Job title : English editor
Team : Global P.R.
Location : Yang-Jae dong, Seoul
Division : Global Business.
Work Hours : 8 a.m.-5 p.m.
Begin Date : Early March
Pay : around KRW 40 million a year (two-year contract position)
Way to apply : Email (kichang.kim@hyundai.com)
Documents to submit : a resume(력서-국문, 영문 선택)
Job description: The primary responsibility of the English editor will be to use the final edit on all material written in English intended for audiences outside the Hyundai Motor Company. This includes but is not limited to: Print, video and Web advertising; CSR material, IR material, press releases, product manuals, the annual report, Company and Group p.r. books, correspondence, speeches, technical articles generated by R&D center, text in P.R. PowerPoint presentations for conferences and for media at R&D center and other facilities, marketing material, banners and signs, the global Facebook page, English subtitles and text used in video material, and so on.
Because the English editor will be a member of the Global P.R. team, the English editor will also be trained in all functions of the Global P.R. team and expected to perform them on an as-needed basis that do not interfere with the English editor’s primary job responsibilities. The English editor will edit content created for the Global P.R. team’s media center Web site.
Work flow: The English editor will establish a contact person on each relevant team that creates English-language material. The work will pass through the contact persons to the English editor. After the English editor has completed the editing, it returns to the contact persons on the relevant teams. Director of the Global P.R. team will approve the highest-impact, most sensitive work completed by the English editor.
Reporting: The English editor will report to the Director of the Global P.R. team.
Requirements: The English editor must have the highest demonstrated proficiency in American standard English composition, grammar, syntax, spelling and colloquialisms. Professional writing experience is strongly encouraged but not required. Native English-speaker is preferred, but not required. Ability may be tested by Director of the Global P.R. team.


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